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‘They do kiss my *ss’: Trump says Clintons schmoozed him personally for foundation donations

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Business magnate Donald Trump is doing some fast explaining after being exposed for contributing to the Clinton Foundation, saying he got only one benefit from his support.

“They do kiss my ass,” he said of Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to the Daily Mail, adding that he only donated to the foundation at the Clintons’ personal request.

Donald Trump on Obama“Both of them,” he said when asked to clarify who requested the support. “Yes. Absolutely.”

Trump, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, was stumping in New Hampshire this week when he spoke with the Mail, which reported that he has donated between $101,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation over the years.

He brushed off the revelation, treating the six-figure contributions as little more than an afterthought.

“It was for general support, I think,” Trump said. “But what do I know? I give to so many charities. I don’t know.”

Ensuring he gave potential voters some red meat, Trump criticized how the Clintons used the money.

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“I wish they would spend the money more wisely,” he told the Mail. “And, certainly, I wish they would not spend it on themselves. It’s supposed to be for good causes, not for luxury airplane flights.”

The jab was a reference to a recent trip to Africa by the former president and his daughter, Chelsea.

Trump added that his generosity does not preclude him from criticizing 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

“Nobody has been tougher on her than I have,” he said. “I haven’t given her money. I’ve given her foundation money to be used properly.”

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