Geraldo: ABC fired me for $200 bucks , Stephanopoulos gets a pass?

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera finds it ironic that ABC is giving George Stephanopoulos a pass for failing to disclose his $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation, since the network fired Rivera 30 years earlier for a $200 gift to a friend’s election campaign.

“He made a terrible miscalculation there,” Rivera said of Stephanopoulos on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “He should have revealed to the public, and certainly to his employers.”

Rivera was clear that ABC wasn’t giving him any second changes in 1985.

“The official reason given for my firing in 1985 was a $200 donation I made to a non-partisan mayoral campaign in the town of New Bedford, Mass., to a family friend,” he said. “And I have never, as a result of that, given any money to any PAC, any candidate, because it was taken so seriously.”

The “real reason” he was fired, Rivera said on his Facebook page, was his dispute with network chief Roone Arldege over a “20/20” story he did about Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys.

“The point is ABC treated my undisclosed $200 donation harshly because the network wanted me out for that unrelated reason,” Rivera said on Facebook. “Now ABC is bending over backward to minimize and forgive George Stephanopoulos’ $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation because he is central to the network’s recent success.”

The New York Times described ABC’s policy on donations this way in a Thursday story:

ABC appeared to support such a role for Mr. Stephanopoulos, despite the fact that he failed to inform the network of the donations. According to ABC News policy, a network spokeswoman said, an employee making a donation to a charity must “disclose that to us before covering a story related to that organization.”

The policy doesn’t seem to matter when you happen to be a network darling.

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