Big-mouth Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby wants everyone else to shut up

After Marilyn Mosby‘s moment in the sun, where she delivered a 1960s-style speech to announce charges against six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore prosecutor is now asking the court to impose a gag order, according to CBS Baltimore.

The order would prevent attorneys and witnesses for both sides from releasing information or commenting publicly about the case.

The request came after a news conference Wednesday by Ivan Bates and Tony Garcia, the attorneys for Sgt. Alicia White.

“I can say emphatically when this trial is complete and all the evidence is laid bare, you’ll see perhaps justice wasn’t the only thing the state’s attorney was attempting to accomplish here,” Garcia said, according to CBS Baltimore. “And that perhaps you’ll see that there’s a fine line between fame and infamy.”

Maybe that’s what Mosby is afraid of.

The Twitterverse lambasted the prosecutor for her hypocrisy.


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