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Video: Fan brutally kicks soccer player from behind during TV interview

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Talk about an unhappy fan.

A Venezuelan soccer fan took his rage to another level when he attacked Carobobo FC’s Aquiles Ocanto with a vicious kick to the back while the soccer star was giving a live television interview following his team’s 0-0 draw with Aragua FC.

Ocanto’s head snapped back and he collapsed to the ground immediately.

Fortunately Ocanto is none the worse for wear.

“I’m fine. Thank God it was nothing serious and I left the field on my own,” Ocanto told El Universal of Venezuela.

“They didn’t even do any tests on me because I felt fine,” he said.

Carobobo FC said on Twitter Wednesday night that Ocanto suffered no injuries as a result of the assault.

The attacker is still at large.


Wimpy soccer player gets the award for most dramatic faked injury ever.

Carmine Sabia


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