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Chris Matthews couldn’t help himself: ‘Republicans treat trains like they treat Hispanics’

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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just couldn’t help himself and took a gratuitous swipe at Republicans Thursday night by trying to link the GOP to the horrific Amtrak train crash.

Remarkably the “Hardball” panel was discussing “uniting the country” just before they started taking digs at Republicans.

“There are 180 congressional districts, where nobody takes the train ever. Not ever,” Salon’s Joan Walsh said.

“And two-thirds of those are represented by Republicans. And they don’t care about us.”

That was enough red meat for Matthews to chomp on. He accused the GOP of treating trains “like they treat Hispanics.”

“We don’t have enough in our district to worry about them,” Matthews said of Republicans.

Matthews is not the first liberal who’s politicized Tuesday’s Amtrak tragedy to further an agenda. He’s just another in a long line of parroting Democrats who will never let a crisis go to waste.

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