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Rubio shows O’Reilly why Dems — and Hillary — should be AFRAID of him

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Coming off an impressive foreign policy speech given before the Council of Foreign Relations in New York City earlier in the day, surging GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio took aim at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, saying the country cannot afford all the drama that would accompany her presidency.

Drama that the U.S. senator from Florida summed up as “a soap opera.”

During a Rubio appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly asked the Florida senator if he was going to go after Clinton as being a “dishonest woman.”

“We don’t need any drama in the White House,” Rubio said, carefully avoiding the obvious pitfall. “At this incredible hinge moment in our history, you’re going to put back into the White House, two people… who bring drama with them.

“This country can’t afford another eight years of a soap opera.”

The answer was about perfect, in the sense that it brought back memories of the Clinton s’ last tenure in Washington, when a presidency focused on sex and sleaze in the Oval Office took its eye away from the gathering storm of Islamic extremism abroad.

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But Rubio’s answer wasn’t just stuck in the past.

He pointed to Clinton’s position on the economy when asked to identify the weaknesses in her campaign.

“The proposals that she’s going to come with are the same tired, left proposals that we have now,” Rubio said. “Her policies … in a global economy, would make [America] less globally competitive.”

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