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Could Michelle Obama really stand in Hillary’s path?

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First lady Michelle Obama joked around with late night talk show host David Letterman recently about the possibility of running for president.

But a new poll shows that she would have a leg up on all other Democratic contenders should she decide to challenge Hillary Clinton.

Before you throw up in your mouth thinking about that possibility, the survey shows that even Obama pales in comparison to her husband’s heir apparent.


Rasmussen Polls on Thursday released a new poll of 1,000 likely voters that showed Clinton besting Obama in a hypothetical match-up 56 percent to 22 percent.

But astonishingly, the first lady beat out all other potential Democratic contenders — even progressive darling Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator who self-identifies as a Native American in defiance of her blue eyes and blonde locks.

The only announced candidate is U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-avowed socialist from Vermont, and he trails at 7.4 percent. Martin O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland who is expected to announce soon, came in at a dismal 1.2 percent.

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It’s highly unlikely Obama would seriously consider a presidential run, but in electing her husband twice, the nation has already proven that important qualifications like experience come a distant second to the cult of personality.

Either way, Rasmussen said just 14 percent of likely voters surveyed thought she should run, so you can exhale now.

Among blacks surveyed, an astounding 40 percent said Obama should go for it, the poll found. Forty-one percent thought it was a bad idea.

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