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College students call out far-left prof who calls Republicans ‘terrorists’ – and gets honors!

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A professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who publicly called the Republican Party “terrorists” will be receiving an honorary degree this fall from Simon Fraser University – and it’s making some college students uneasy.

Communications Professor Sut Jhally is not new to being on the receiving end of honors and accolades from his liberal counterparts and has maintained “best professor” status on campus for years, reported the College Fix.

Some conservative, libertarian and pro-Israel students, however, are growing weary of Jhally’s antics and “have found his bias to be overt and intimidating.”

“I fully support First Amendment rights for everyone,” Soroche Kohistani, a student and member of UMass GOP, told the College Fix.

“I also think his comments are false, outrageous, offensive, and demonstrate the hypocrisy of UMass.

“For a professor to make such statements about Republicans or opinions different from his own is meant to intimidate and indoctrinate students,” Kohistani said.

Jhally has a history of publically misinterpreting American history as well as bashing his political rivals. In 2013 he launched a tirade of attention-seeking tweets that raised eyebrows from folks on both sides of the aisle.

It is to be noted that the article Jhally links to, while not friendly toward Republicans, does not call them “terrorists” and seems to be Jhally’s own words.

Since 2013, Jhally’s Twitter venting appears to have tapered off, but some of his students are still calling him out on his hypocrisy.

As one student reviewer wrote on May 7:

“The class is ‘media, PR & propaganda’ but ironically the whole class is his own propaganda, especially when he gets to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

“From the beginning he left out facts and demonized Israel – NOT OK.”

It’s nice to see that the Internet can be used to voice opinions from all sides – and at least some students who disagree with their professors are using it to speak out.

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