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Radio talk show host loses it, screams at Tom Brady apologist

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Sports radio talk show host Mike Francesa lost it while arguing with a Tom Brady fan in the aftermath of the NFL announcing that the New England Patriot quarterback would be suspended for four games for his role in “DeflateGate.”

A fan identified as “Steve from Maine” suggested that Brady was innocent and that the NFL was out to get him, which proved to be more than Francesa could stomach.

“Stop before you embarrass yourself,” the New York-based Francesa yelled as “Steve” rambled on about underinflated footballs.

“What you know is that you’re a fan who’s a fool,” Francesa said. “Are you gonna tell me, you’ve looked at the evidence and you don’t think he had someone doctor the balls?”

Steve tried to explain there was a “mistake” with the evidence, and dismissed Francesa’s question about why Brady refused to turn over his phone records by saying the NFL investigation was a “kangaroo court.”

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The outclassed fan tried to explain his reasoning, but didn’t get far.

“I don’t wanna hear this garbage, give me an answer to the questions I asked you!” Francesa screamed.

Despite getting his rear-end handed to him in the exchange, Steve was not to be deterred, insisting that Brady was innocent.

“Are you nuts? the radio host screamed.

He finally hung up on the caller, leaving listeners to wonder what took so long.

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