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Video: Rand Paul campaign aide licks tracker’s camera lens

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A Rand Paul campaign staffer reacted in a very strange way when an uninvited Democratic tracker videoed a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

He licked the camera.

At a Monday town hall event in Londonderry for the Kentucky senator and Republican presidential contender, political director David Chesley was caught on video licking the camera lens of a video tracker sent by Democratic super PAC American Bridge.

Whether Chesley was trying to blur the video or simply going for shock value, he pegged the weirdness meter and gave the American Bridge tracker an unforgettable up close and personal performance.

The most surprising part is American Bridge’s reaction.  While most liberal progressive political groups have a reputation for being humorless bastards, American Bridge played right along, tweeting some genuinely funny material.

American Bridge’s Washington D.C.-based office manager, Rebecca Parks, told The Hill, “I prepare our trackers for a lot of things.  I do not prepare them for being licked by Rand Paul’s operatives.” She tweeted that she now has to reset the office calendar.

In another video posted by AB Chesley told their cameraman he was unwelcome.  “We also get to choose who can come into the location that we rented specifically,” he said, adding, “this is a closed event.”

Twitter users had their own take on Chesley’s close-up video debut.

One tweet suggests something that could prevent future licking incidents.

Steve Berman


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