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Stomp on your Hillary crowns! Clinton’s biggest fans dumbfounded to hear truth

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Nothing crushes the dreams of Hillary Clinton supporters like hearing the facts about their beloved presidential candidate of choice – and the shocked reactions that were caught on video after some got to hear some Clinton truths prove it.

Caleb Bonham, editor-in-chief of Campus Reform, took to the National Mall in Washington D.C., with the news that Clinton paid women 72 cents for every dollar paid to men in her Senate staff between 2002- 2008.

The information didn’t sit well with Clinton’s fans.

“That’s terrible. That’s reprehensible,” said a male supporter.

Bonham asked another supporter why she likes Hillary.

“I think that [Clinton’s] a great role model for women and I think that she really sticks to her convictions,” she said.

Only to find out that Clinton adheres to the same “unequal” pay standards she vows to eliminate.

“That makes her hypocritical, and that makes me less likely to vote for her,” one women said. “It’s like, why are you trying to fight for something, but you’re not doing it? That makes no sense.”

The Clinton “wage gap” difference Bonham used comes from an analysis done by the Washington Free Beacon last April.

“Woah,” said a visibly stunned woman.

“I don’t even know what to say right now,” said another as she grappled with the news.

“I’m kind of shocked. That makes no sense, that makes no sense – like why… I’m stuck.”


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