Ann Coulter rips Michelle Obama ‘letting her Rev. Wright out’; Libs ‘opened up a beast’ they can’t control

The first lady was letting her Rev. Wright side show.

That’s how conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter put it Monday when she tore into Michelle Obama’s racially resentful commencement speech at a historically black university over the weekend.


In an appearance on Fox News “Hannity,” Coulter cited Michelle Obama’s well-documented but little discussed racial antagonism from her days at Princeton University to the famous statement of 2008 that she’d never been proud of America until her husband was running for president.

Obama’s commencement address Saturday at Tuskegee University, where she told graduates how tough America is on blacks, was “letting out her Rev. Wright now,” Coulter said.

In openly channeling Jerome Wright, the fiery black liberation Chicago pastor the Obamas followed for decades before disavowing him publicly in the name of politics and the presidency, the first lady was just following her husband’s footsteps.

President Obama has quickly taken sides in racially charged cases from the Cambridge, Mass., dispute that led to the “Beer Summit” in 2009 to the Trayvon Martin case in Florida in 2012 and Michael Brown shooting in 2014. In the process, he and his administration — especially former Attorney General Eric Holder — have inflamed race relations, not improved them.

And the results are evident in Baltimore.

“They’ve opened up a beast they’re not going to be able to control,” Coulter said.

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