‘Dirty tricks’: ABC lying about Alex Jones not showing up, radio host says

An ABC interview with Internet radio host and conspiracy theory aficionado Alex Jones fell apart on Sunday, with both sides claiming the other had failed to keep its part of the agreement.

Jones was set to appear on the talk show “This Week” Sunday to discuss the upcoming U.S. military training exercise Jade Helm 15, but it never happened.

Why it never happened is up for debate.

Before the segment on Jade Helm began, guest host Martha Raddatz said Jones didn’t show up to discuss the operation he believes is a dry run for the government to implement martial law, or even a move by President Obama to use the military to keep himself in office beyond his term.

“Radio talk show host Alex Jones — who has been one of the leading proponents of this theory, had agreed to join us this morning but he did not show up at our studio,” she said.

But Jones, on his website infowars.com, said ABC is pulling a “dirty trick.”

Alex Jones ABC
Email exchange courtesy infowars.com.

“From Tuesday to Friday we had been told by ABC that the show would be live via satellite before ABC backed out and tried to make me agree to a taped interview. We were in negotiations and never even heard back from ABC on this issue,” Jones said.

“The next thing I know there’s a car calling me 12 minutes before air time.

Alex Jones ABC
Email exchange courtesy infowars.com.

“This is a typical establishment media stunt to rig debates by implying I’m not ready to defend my ideas and information.”

Alex Jones ABC
Text message courtesy infowars.com.

Jones challenged ABC to have him on one of their programs live this week.

ABC has yet to respond.


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