Dennis Miller sends message to ‘all those coming here legally or illegally’

Comedian Dennis Miller has a way of cutting to the bone of an issue that doesn’t suffer fools gladly – a comic style that’s given him a reputation as a conservative in the lefty entertainment world.

And an immigration tweet he posted Sunday about America after six years of President Obama is going to cement that reputation even further — by taking a completely different angle on the topic.

That’s about as dismaying a description of the state of affairs as anyone could come up with.

And Miller got plenty of responses from people who know exactly how he feels.

That’s not necessarily true. Miller’s tweet could apply to the Gold Rush days, the settlements of the West, victory in Europe and the Pacific and so forth, but it wasn’t all that long ago that the United States faced down the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union either, and won the greatest victory in history — without going to war against its foe.

Yep, she was a honey all right, but she will be again.

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