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Sanity breaks out! Black NY residents want street named in honor of fallen white cop

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Not all black reverends, or people, are like Al Sharpton. In fact many are the polar opposite.

On Saturday, the Rev. Larry Davidson, State Senator Leroy Comrie and a mostly black crowd consisting of residents of the Queens community where police Officer Brian Moore was allegedly gunned down by violent ex-con Demetrius Blackwell gathered for a prayer vigil for the fallen policeman, CBS 2 reported.

“He gave his life for the community, and the Bible says there’s no greater love than the man that laid down his life for his friends,” Davidson said. “So anyone that would die for me and die for my community is a friend of mine.”

Elected officials also praised Moore, who was promoted to posthumously to the rank of detective.

“He was trying to protect our streets. He was trying to make sure our guns were taken off our streets, and he was doing it in a proper manner, and a respectful manner towards the community,” Democrat state Sen. Leroy Comrie said.

Sam Bellmon, who attended the vigil, said people have to realize that cops are there to protect them, not hurt them.

“I think in most neighborhoods, especially like around here, they think the cop is out to hurt them…out to get them. And so when they come in contact with a cop, they automatically put up their guard,” he told WPIX. “We need to bring it back to where this is the cop that patrols our neighborhood. Let’s love him. Let’s treat him right.”

Davidson also called for a street to be named for Moore.

“I feel it’s only right that our community honors him with the street he gave his life for,” he said.

If only this reverend who preaches a unifying message could get the air time Al Sharpton gets.


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