Pop star Prince ignores dead cops in ‘Baltimore’ song; conservatives remind him!

Prince, the pop music superstar whose fame crested more than a decade ago, is clawing his way back into the national limelight on the bodies of dead men like Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

But he must not think the Prince audience cares a bit about police officers killed in the line of duty.

A new Prince song titled “Baltimore” came out the day before the formerly reclusive star’s scheduled Sunday performance at the Rally 4 Peace benefit concert in Baltimore, the Huffington Post reported.

It includes the lyrics “Does anybody hear us pray for Michael Brown and Freddie Gray?”

Also included are lyrics to make any leftist gun-grabber happy.

Are we gonna c another bloody day?
We’re tired of cryin’ & people dyin’
Let’s all take the guns away

With lyrics like that, Prince might be eyeing a spot in the 2016 Democratic presidential field.

Or maybe just chart-busting sales profiting from tragedy.

Prince was so big in his prime that he’ll be a big name until the day he dies, but this stab at a return to stardom is a little too obvious.

And many in the Twitterverse aren’t buying it.


Giuliani points to do-nothing leadership in Baltimore: ‘Blaming this on the police is a political dodge.’

Carmine Sabia


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