Outraged Marine has a proud message for vandals who desecrated his flag

Recently retired Marine Marvin Hernandez Garcia was reduced to tears after vandals desecrated an American flag mounted in front of his house.

But it wasn’t just Garcia’s love for the American flag that provoked the emotion, because this wasn’t just any flag — it was the same flag he carried with him while serving his country across five continents.

After proudly mounting the flag last week for the first time — he even took a selfie — Garcia awoke one morning to find that vandals had rammed the flagpole through the window of his car after marking up his beloved flag up with graffiti.

He appeared Saturday on Fox & Friends Weekend” with a message for those responsible for the act.

“The message that I would like to say is America is still the greatest country in the world. It’s not something that we are just brainwashed with,” he said. “We’re still the greatest country. We got problems. Everybody does.”

The Marine said “the flag represents freedom.”

“When you step on the flag, you really are stepping on those veterans that have really fought for you,” Garcia said. “And everybody else, including your own parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and so forth.”

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It’s not likely the cowards responsible for the vandalism will take him up on his offer, but the veteran invited them over for a little conversation.

“So, if you are watching this, I would like to tell you, come and talk to me,” he said. “Let’s talk about things. Let’s not destroy things. Our country needs dialogue more than violence.”

Spoken like a man who understands the price of freedom.

Tom Tillison


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