Fox’s Eric Bolling slams PC America: Stop worrying about offending Muslims!

The debate has been hot and heavy on whether anti-Islamist activist Pamela Geller went too far in holding a “Draw Muhammad” contest, and Fox News host Eric Bolling left little doubt Saturday where he stands on the free speech issue.

While calling Geller a “provocateur” in the Wake Up America segment of “Cashin’ In,” Bolling said the country needs to stop worrying about “offending Muslims.”

“By an overwhelming majority, most people agree that no matter how hateful, or downright stupid speech is in America, it’s protected; the First Amendment still breathing,” he said.

Bolling said those who think drawing a picture of Muhammad is hate speech are “dead wrong.”

“We’re becoming too politically correct,” he said. “We worry that offending Muslims somehow overrides our own constitutional rights.”

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“We need to stop worrying how the rest of the world feels about us,” Bolling added. “We should make the rest of the world worry how we feel about them, and that includes radical Islam.”

And to prove he means business about our First Amendment rights, Bolling invoked the Second Amendment.

“And just in case they don’t get the free speech argument, may I suggest they not test our resolve lest they find themselves at the business end of an American’s Second Amendment right,” he said.

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