Fox News’ Chris Wallace fires broadside at WH for ducking network

President Obama’s “war on Fox News” is alive and well and “Fox News Sunday’s” Chris Wallace is sick of it.

After being snubbed this week by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, the popular Wallace called the White House out for its biased behavior.

Displaying a graphic that showed the number of times this year the White House has made administration officials available to other networks, but not Fox News, Wallace told viewers they too were being snubbed.

Just being Americans doesn’t qualify Fox viewers for White House communication. They have to view the politically correct networks that have been lapdogs for Obama going back to the 2008 campaign.

“The White House has made a number of guests available to other networks this year, while excluding us, and you,” Wallace said.

He pointed out that the only time administration official have appeared on his show was on two occasions when the individuals were appearing on all five Sunday shows.

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According to liberal Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers, Wallace has a legitimate complaint.

“They have left Chris Wallace’s “Fox News Sunday” out of a round of interviews that included CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS for not being part of a “legitimate” news network,” she wrote back in 2013.

“There is no war on terror for the Obama White House, but there is one on Fox News,” Powers concluded.

And lest we forget, she reminded us that then-White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Fox News Channel is “not really a news station” and that much of the programming is “not really news.”

Unlike the Al Sharpton-featuring MSNBC maybe?

Wallace only has 1 year, 8 months and 10 days to go until the next president of the United States is sworn in. That’s 621 days … 14,904 hours … 894,240 minutes … 53,654,400 seconds.

And counting.

Tom Tillison


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