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Clinton-corruption muckraker DEMOLISHES Bill’s defense; Not a ‘shred of evidence?’ How about this?

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During an interview that aired on CNN last week, former President Bill Clinton claimed that Peter Schweizer said he “didn’t have a shred of evidence” to back up assertions he’d made in his latest book, “Clinton Cash.”

“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Tucker Carlson gave the author a chance to respond Sunday.

“The book is chock-full of evidence,” Schweizer said. “It shows a pattern of behavior of self-enrichment.”

He noted that Bill Clinton’s speaking fees suddenly spiked after his wife became secretary of state, with the fees coming “from people who have business sitting on Hillary’s desk.”

Getting to specifics, Schweizer told Carlson that while Hillary Clinton was reviewing the Keystone XL Pipeline project, the former president was suddenly offered $2 million to give a series of speeches in Canada, paid for by one of the pipeline’s largest shareholders.

“He gives the last speech, and a coupler of months later she signs off on it [the pipeline].”

Carlson observed that the first publication that heralded the book and “took it very seriously” was the left-leaning New York Times.

What’s most amusing is that while Schweizer and all the GOP presidential candidates have submitted to multiple, probing interviews, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, has yet to submit to a single serious interview, and has answered only about a dozen softball questions.

She chooses instead to have her husband and daughter answer the tough questions.

Profile in courage?

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