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BAM! Chuck Todd’s ‘gotcha’ trap for Carly Fiorina backfires; he doesn’t follow the news?

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Republican presidential contender Carly Fiorina used an implied criticism from NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday in a hilarious, tech-savvy manner — by turning the tables right back on him and making him look foolish in the process.

During Fiorina’s appearance on “Meet the Press” Sunday, Todd criticized Fiorina right out of the gate for not having registered her domain name, thereby giving someone else the opportunity to snatch it up for his own purposes.

“You’ve seen this website, carlyfiorina.org,” Todd told her. “And a person there, sits there and says ‘you failed to register this domain, so I’m using it to tell you how many people lost their jobs while you were CEO.’ And it’s an emoticon of sad faces there — 30,000 people.”

Then Todd read a Fiorina quote that’s on the website, which he said, “I know is taken out of context.”

If he admits it’s taken out of context, why read the quote except to make Fiorina look foolish for not registering the domain name?

But Fiorina had the last laugh on this one — and made Todd look more the fool.

Before Sunday’s interview, she’d purchased a registration for Todd’s domain name, ChuckTodd.org, and when you click it, it takes you directly to her campaign website. After the interview, she tweeted her “thanks” to Todd:

What makes Todd look especially unprepared is that he should have seen this coming. Fiorina pulled the same trick five days earlier, during a taping of Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” which happens to air on Todd’s own network — NBC.

Here’s a short clip from that segment:

Her supporters loved her for it. Hear are a few examples:

A lot of people congratulated her on her performance, with at least one wishing her a happy Mothers Day:

And several Twitter users demonstrated a distinct dislike for Todd and his line of questioning.

Lesson learned: It’s not wise to take cheap shots — especially at a mother with brains on Mothers Day. She’ll end up making you look like an imbecile.

It’s even wiser for a journalist to prepare for an interview like he respected his subject.

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