Obama officials attend funerals for Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, snub decorated white NYPD cop

Despite their criminal behavior in life, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray were honored in death in a way that slain New York police Officer Brian Moore wasn’t.

Both had representatives of the Obama administration attend their funerals.

Both Brown and Gray, killed by police officers, were also black. Moore was white.

Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson, Obama adviser Heather Foster and the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs’ Elias Alcantara went to Gray’s funeral on April 27, according to CNN.

Johnson and Foster also attended Brown’s burial, along with administration representative Marlon Marshall, CNN reported.

Somehow, though, no one from the administration made it to the funeral of the decorated, white police officer who was promoted to detective posthumously.

Moore’s snub did not go unnoticed by the Twitterverse.

NOTE: This post has been modified since it was originally published to indicate Brian Moore’s rank at his death was “officer.” He was promoted to detective posthumously.


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