pulls stupid stunt to satisfy feminist; should have considered rest of customers

In what appears to be an attempt at gender-neutral political correctness, the Toys & Games section of has removed the “Boys” and “Girls” shopping filters from its website.

The panelists on “Fox and Friends Weekend” questioned whether it was a good decision.

“What Amazon’s decision gives is more freedom of choice for consumers,” said Margot Magowan, editor of Reel Girl. “So consumers are no longer guided to buy toys based on gender stereotypes, where toys for girls are based on fashion and beauty and what you look like and toys for boys are based on building and science and electronics.”

Julie Gunlock, a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, disagreed, saying the change inconveniences shoppers.

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“This move by Amazon is a stunt to satisfy these feminists who want this taken away. The bottom line is people are different, children are different,” Gunlock said. “Consumers have plenty of choices out there, and this just makes it harder to shop.”

Consumers also have other choices in online retailers, which may not have considered.

Tom Tillison


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