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WH gives Obama nickname that doesn’t sit well with some after his Nike HQ visit

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President Obama visited the Oregon headquarters of the athletic apparel and footwear company Nike on Friday to speak in favor of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and how the deal will benefit American workers.

In hindsight, given that the majority of Nike products are made overseas and the company has seen plenty of criticism for its labor practices, it’s fair to wonder if the White House would like to rethink the choice.

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Then again, this is the Obama White House, which was preoccupied in a juvenile sort of way with the idea that the president was visiting the company that gave us Air Jordans.

Step aside Michael Jordan for “Air POTUS,” as Obama was dubbed by the White House on Twitter:

The tweet was enough to prompt social media users to point out the obvious to the out-of-touch president and his cohorts — even if the administration couldn’t care less.

Here is a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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