Out-of-touch Dem. Cory Booker hits nerve with whiny tweet about 50-hr work week

The “war on work” got a shot in the arm Thursday after a New Jersey senator tweeted his displeasure for those who care to better their lives the old fashioned way.

Democrat Sen. Cory Booker built a reputation as an amiable fellow during his term as Mayor of Newark from 2006 – 2013. But he shocked many folks when he tweeted that someone who works 50 hours per week (isn’t that about the standard nowadays?) to escape poverty is somehow “not right.”

Those who live in the real world were quick to respond, offering Booker some advice and priceless perspective. (Warning, some harsh language ahead.)

We know politicians enjoy ample time off and primo benefits, but that’s not how it works for those who pay their generous salaries.

You might be able to go down to 40 hours at “retirement” – if you’re lucky.

Good one.

H/T: Twitchy.com

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