NY Times slaps Hillary in hopes of getting her to talk

With the 2016 presidential election underway, and Barack Obama safely ensconced on the sidelines, America appears to be witnessing a seismic shift in media coverage of the race for the White House.

It’s either that or The New York Times really doesn’t care much for Hillary Clinton.

Wednesday marked 26 days since Clinton announced her candidacy, and The Times took a shot at the Democratic presidential contender for not being very accessible to the media, according to Fox News.


The newspaper not only noted that Clinton has answered just seven questions from the media during that span, but offered a question it would pose, if given the chance — on immigration, nonetheless.

Read more from The Times:

On Tuesday, at an event in Las Vegas, Mrs. Clinton laid out an extensive and ambitious plan to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, including expanding the Dream Act, which defers deportation for the children of undocumented immigrants, to include their parents, a step President Obama has not taken. Our question for Mrs. Clinton would have been:

“President Obama said his executive action on immigration went as far as the law will allow. You say you would go beyond what he did. How could you stretch the law further than the president of your own party and his Justice Department says it can go?”

The panel on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” took up The Times article as a topic of discussion, with a focus on why Clinton has been so reluctant to engage with the media.

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