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Hispanic BBQ owners taking heat for ‘White Appreciation Day’

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What could possibly go wrong?

Two Hispanic owners of a BBQ joint in Colorado are raising eyebrows after promoting a “White Appreciation Day.”

Noting that an entire month is set aside for the recognition of black and Hispanic heritages, Edgar Antillon and Miguel Jiminez, new owners of  Rubbin Buttz BBQ in Milliken, figured it was the least they could do for their white brethren, 9News in Denver reported.

While “hating whitey” has been a popular theme in America of late, in response to a number of racially driven incidents, white folks who visit the restaurant on June 11 will be offered a 10 percent discount on their check.

“We have a whole month for Black History Month,” Antillon said. “We have a whole month for Hispanic Heritage Month, so we thought the least we could do was offer one day to appreciate white Americans.”

The owners taped a handwritten sign in the window advertising the day that included the caption: “Because all Americans should be celebrated!!”

But when it comes to diversity, the owners may find that the playing field is far from level.

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Jennifer McPherson, interim director of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Civil Rights Division, told 9News that an investigation would be initiated if someone were to file a complaint.

“If someone felt like they were being discriminated against, they could come to the civil rights division and file a complaint in our office, and we would investigate that,” McPherson said.

And you can believe complaints will be forthcoming.

Antillon, also a firearms instructor, is no stranger to controversy. 9News reported that he was in the news last year after initiating a drive to allow legal marijuana users in Colorado to obtain concealed handgun permits.

In the end, “White Appreciation Day” may just be an attempt to draw publicity for his latest venture — according to the 2010 U.S. Census, the town is 82 percent white.

Antillon shared the special day on social media.  Although he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams in drawing attention, it may not be the attention he was hoping for. Here is a sampling from Twitter:

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