Geraldo bashes Geller so hard, CAIR uses video for propaganda: ‘I feel like taking a shower’

Geraldo Rivera bashed Pamela Geller so hard the Council on American-Islamic Relations is using the video for propaganda.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” Friday, Rivera compared Geller to violent white supremacists.

“She most reminds me of the Aryan Nation, skinheads, KKK, racists,” he told the hosts. “I see them on television now, if I ever do, I feel like taking a shower afterwards.”

“You can, under our constitution, taunt anybody you want, you can insult anybody you want, but you have to understand the consequences,” Geraldo said sounding more like Anjem Choudary than an American journalist.

Geraldo argued that if Geller was attacking any group other than Muslims, she wouldn’t receive as much tolerance as she has.

“I submit to you, if you take Muslim and Islam out of that, put ‘Jew’ in there or ‘Irish’ in there or ‘black’ in there, any other groups, she would not be — given the tolerance to spew her hateful rhetoric,” he said.

Host Steve Doocey rightly challenged Rivera’s take.

“You know in this country Christians are often targets,” he told Geraldo. “Catholics are often targets. The religions are mocked.”

Geraldo described those attacks as “few and far between.”

Obviously he doesn’t watch much late night comedy.

“She does not do this country any good; she doesn’t do Jewish people any good. She doesn’t do anybody any good except self-aggrandizing, attention-seeking spewing of hatred that I cannot tolerate,” he said.

Geraldo, like many other liberals who are victim blaming, completely missed the point that you don’t have to like her actions in order to fight for her right to free speech.

And when CAIR is using your words to promote it’s rhetoric, you know you’ve jumped the shark.

Geraldo was roundly trounced on Twitter by many including Sheriff David Clarke.


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