Ex-Baltimore resident Ben Carson gives neurosurgeon’s take on Freddie Gray spinal injury

Presidential candidate Ben Carson, in Baltimore Thursday, shared his thoughts on the recent riots in that city saying the events leading to Freddie Gray’s death look “very suspicious to the community.”

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Speaking with community leaders and pastors at an event at the Bilingual Church of Baltimore, the former neurosurgeon put on his “doctor’s hat.”

“An injury to the spine that can create the kind of damage that that did requires direct trauma to the spine,” Carson said, according to The Daily Caller.

“This is not something you get from flailing around.”

Carson, who spent nearly 40 years as a Baltimore resident, commented on the charges filed by State Attorney Marilyn Mosby against six police officers involved in the case.

“I probably wouldn’t have charged them to that degree,” Carson said, according to The Daily Caller, “but then again, I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a district attorney. Plus, none of us has seen the evidence that she has seen.”

Offering a note of caution, Carson told the crowd that people need to respect authority.

“What we don’t want to happen (is) we beat up on the police all the time, and they get to the point where they second guess themselves and they become timid, and then it endangers them and it also endangers the people they are supposed to be protecting, so that ends up being a worse situation.”

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246 thoughts on “Ex-Baltimore resident Ben Carson gives neurosurgeon’s take on Freddie Gray spinal injury

  1. Mary Brown says:

    Begs the question, was he injured after they took him to the hospital!

    1. Stan H says:

      Yes. Mary healthy people always go to the hospital and come out with severed spinal cords and crushed voice boxes. [sarc off]

      1. imcurious says:

        ah Stano,wrong again.Cnn,Baltimore Sin and the Washington Post all have articles where a witness says he injured himself inside the transport van.”Freddie Gray previous injuries” will get you those “facts” you so cavalierly ignore,as usual.

        1. Stan H says:

          So, because ONE (or even a couple) people injured themselves in a police transport van, means that Gray’s injuries were self-sustained? Are you serious? The ONLY person to sustain injuries approximating Gray’s injuries as a result of one of BPD’s infamous “rough rides” recently received a multi-million dollar settlement from the city.

          BTW, One of the top forensic pathologists in the country (Dr. Cyril Wecht)
          has stated that it is flatly “impossible” for Freddie Gray’s spinal
          injuries to have been self-inflicted!

      2. Mary Brown says:

        Entirely possible if they for instance dumped him off a cart… I am not ruling out any possibilities because WE DO NOT HAVE THE EVIDENCE

        1. Stan H says:

          I hope that you didn’t hurt yourself with that “stretch”. You are correct, we don’t have the evidence, but we have more than enough to determine that probable cause exists for charges to be filed.

  2. cherokeeman says:

    It’s a wonder that psychobama/homobama hasn’t blamed Bush yet.

  3. emiliani says:

    And here, for all you Ben Carson fans, succinctly summarizes how he speaks ALL the time: he says nothing specific, he speaks in mind-numbing, vague generalities, and people still support him for President for some reason–because they think he agrees with them.

    Re-read his nonsense and try to figure out what exactly he’s saying. He says that there is little evidence out there available– especially not a charge of murder — but then says he’d charge them for something less!! Does he have any evidence for a crime or not?! I don’t mind that he’s ambivalent about what should be done, but it drives me crazy when people talk like this. If he spoke like this about my upcoming surgery, I’d find another doctor at the Community Hospital.

    His claptrap reminds me of Obama and Hillary, whose comments have the advantage of everyone being able to take away whatever they want from what they say.

    I will not be supporting the good doctor, though I do wish him the very best.

  4. Hal von Luebbert says:

    I said at first mention in the news what Doctor Carson says about spinal injury – and for years as a police science instructor about the danger of spinal injury resulted from the common practice of kneeling on the subject of arrest or pushing on down on the neck while he is lying face down. It is, however, also possible that the Axis Vertebra subluxed (slipped out of place) can result later in spinal severing by violent movement of the already injured person. It can be demonstrated and visually shown by computer modeling.

  5. Hank_52 says:

    Actually, you could probably pay less premium if you got the coverage from a veterinarian. They go to school as long as an MD. They are able to perform surgery on various mammals.

  6. imcurious says:

    EVERYONE FORGETS THE STATEMENT OF THE GUY RIDING IN THE VAN,with this guy.He told the cops that Gray was beating himself against the side of the van and that there were restraint bolts these at the exact height of the injuries.Suspicion has it he was trying to injure himself to get a case against the cops for a law suit.Unfortunately,he did himself serious injury.

  7. PETER TARKAY says:

    No, you end up with a National Gestapo who could care less about anyone’s rights… except the government bureaucrats.

  8. Court Spotts says:

    No one will feel the pain of Obamacare until after the next election cycle. The DemocRats planned it that way When they controlled Congress…

  9. Court Spotts says:

    Carson Is a breath of fresh air!

  10. mercurydeb says:

    Dr. Carson once again proves himself a great example, encouraging the best action for
    every action on which is asked to comment! GREAT American, he has MY VOTE!!

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