AP’s ‘shameless, deceptive headline’ about Texas attack gets BLASTED with both barrels; attempted ‘fix’ a joke

Conservative revolutionary Michelle Malkin joined savvy social media users in putting The Associated Press in its place after the AP launched a suspicious tweet about the thwarted Texas terrorist attack at Sunday’s “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

The tweet, stating that event organizer Pamela Geller  had no regrets about the deaths of “two people,”  questionably left out one important detail – the two killed were terrorists  bent on murdering Geller and other participants.

Malkin had predicted the terrorist attack would “smoke out feckless, fair weather friends of free speech” and she was proven right by the AP.

Tweeters who have become experts in social media manipulation to bolster leftist ideology, were also quick to point out the blatant “mistake” and unleashed an epic scolding.

The online lashing eventually led to a “clarification” tweet by the AP, but only after the damage was already done.

You’d think the AP had learned a lesson from the online beat-down  for the transparently deceptive tweet? But no…

Instead, the AP doubled down and tweeted it AGAIN. And once more, citizen fact-checkers were on the case:

What were you saying Michelle Malkin, defender of common sense, truth, and all things freedom?

Like clockwork. Scary.

Then the fun really began.  And this was how the #AssociatedPressHeadlines was born.

After all of that, the AP finally released its version of a corrected tweet to an unimpressed crowd.


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