Katie Couric thought she could intimidate Carly Fiorina – CEOs don’t scare easily

The most accomplished woman in the presidential race took on media bias head-on this week when newly announced GOP candidate Carly Fiorina took an interview with Yahoo’s Katie Couric and knocked the ball out of the park on a question about her criticisms of Hillary Clinton.

After a barbed rundown of Fiorina’s business career – which made it sound like she somehow lucked into the job of chief executive of Hewlett Packard before getting fired – Couric sounded almost scolding when she asked how Fiorina could use such “unkind” words about Hillary.

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Skipping over the fact that Hillary’s biggest “accomplishment” has been and remains marrying a politically driven womanizer named Bill, Couric said, “You said that she was not trustworthy and she hasn’t accomplished very much. I think people might think, ‘Well, she was the senator from New York and she was the secretary of state.’ How can you really make those claims?”

Fiorina’s response was elegant – and deadly.

“Well, you see, Katie, in the world I come from, a title is just a title. I mean, you went through a whole bunch of things about me as CEO. You weren’t impressed with my title. Why are we so impressed with political titles?” she said.

“‘Senator’ is a title. ‘Secretary of state’ is a title. It’s a completely legitimate question to say, ‘What has anyone accomplished with their title?’ And the truth is, there are many in the political class who haven’t accomplished a whole lot, despite their titles.”

Whatever Fiorina’s chances are in the crowded Republican field for 2016, that’s an answer that’s going to dog Hillary for next 18 months.



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