ISIS opens 5-star luxury hotel; side-splitting social media mockery flies

Don’t try to book a bar mitzvah!

Those fun-loving libertines at the Islamic State have announced they are re-opening a 5-star hotel in the war-wracked city of Mosul, Iraq, and the jokes on social media weren’t long in coming.

According to the IB Times, the Ninawa International Hotel was once a playground for the Middle East’s international elites, on the banks of the Tigris River. It’s reopening now as a temporary housing site for ISIS top commanders, as well as a little luxury time for its ill-paid rank-and-file fighters.

Alcohol, music, smoking, dancing and gambling are not going to be part of the amenities, though the hotel is expected to host weddings for jihadi fighters and their blushing, kidnapped and ravished brides.

It’s really not funny that the world’s most notable organization dedicated chiefly to committing murder on a global scale — including in the United States — is opening a plush pad for it leaders to luxuriate in the lap of luxury, but that didn’t stop the Twitter world from laughing out loud.

Seriously, “Hotel Rwanda’s” got a better reputation  than “Hotel Caliph-ornia,” or “The Shariaton.”

Only if they like the view from 11-stories up — and dropping fast.

On the other hand, might be a great place for a cartoon contest.

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