BPR Buzzworthy with Bill O’Reilly: How Fox News’ giant chooses his charities, who he’s teaming up with next

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Bill O’Reilly is proud to report that The Factor remains the most watched show on cable news, just as it has for 15 years. Every night more than 5-million viewers tune in to The Factor. It’s a remarkable fact, and that support and loyalty also account, in no small measure, for the success of Bill’s many other projects.

After five best-selling books and a memoir, Bill took to writing about history. Killing Lincoln was first, followed by Killing Kennedy, and then Killing Jesus. The latest book, Killing Patton, chronicles what Bill calls “the strange death of WWII’s most audacious general.”  Like the others, Killing Patton hit the top of the New York Times best seller list its first week in the marketplace.

And here’s some additional advance news: Bill is currently working on another book in the “Killing” series. Look out for more information on that.

Bill is also the Executive Producer of a popular new Fox News Channel series about the American West called Legends and Lies.

O’Reilly grew up on Long Island, NY. He earned a BA from Marist College (in history, naturally), a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University, and a second MA in Public Administration from The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

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BizPac Review is honored to have FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly participate in our Buzzworthy Interview series. This exclusive interview focuses on his extensive charity work.


Q. Loyal viewers of the O’Reilly Factor  are fully aware that you are a major supporter of veterans’ charities. However, while doing research for this interview I was surprised to learn that 26 organizations (and not just veterans’ groups) are listed as “Bill’s Charities” on your Bill O’Reilly website. What is the criteria that is used for an organization to become one of “Bill’s Charities?”

A. I like to check out the charities myself and not depend on the analysis of others. So, for example, the Best Friends charity in Washington D.C., I know Elayne Bennett who runs it and I know exactly where the money goes in mentoring for children. Same thing with the RESPONSIBILITY charity in San Diego. I visited the facilities and saw first-hand what they do. So we choose our charities based on eyewitness reports.

Q. The first charity listed on “Bill’s Charities” is the Independence Fund. The mission of the Independence Fund is “Moving Our Nation’s Severely Injured Veterans Towards Greater Independence.” With that mission in mind, the Fund is known for providing highly mobile, all terrain “track chairs” to severely injured veterans. Each chair and trailer cost $16,000 and is life changing.

Bill, can you tell us how and why you became involved with the Independence Fund? Do you know how many veterans have received track chairs as a result of your on-air support encouraging viewers to donate?

A. I learned about the Independence Fund from Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin. Over the years I visited wounded vets at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington and have come to know their situation pretty well. So when the new high tech wheelchairs became available, I decided to raise as much money as possible so that every vet who needs a wheelchair can have one.

Q. Do you believe it was your Catholic upbringing, and faith that serves as the foundation for your extensive involvement with charitable organizations?

A. The Christian philosophy is to help people who are in need. I believe in the philosophy. I’m in a position to help, so I do.

Q. O’Reilly Factor viewers have heard you say that proceeds from merchandise purchased at your Bill O’Reilly website are donated to charity. Will you share with us just how much money your web merchandise has raised?

A. We have donated approximately seven million dollars over the years to charities based upon revenue from BillO’Reilly.com.

Q. On May 21, you and Gary Sinise are headlining Rockin’ the Boat, a benefit concert to be held at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. The concert will benefit the Independence Fund and the Gary Sinise Foundation (which also helps veterans.) During the concert are there any secret plans to surprise an injured vet(s) with the gift of a track chair?  Will the O’Reilly Factor be broadcasting live from the concert? (Surely, viewers would love to hear you sing.)

A. At the Rockin’ The Boat benefit we will give a wounded veteran the 1,000th track chair that we have acquired. But there is still more to be done on this front. I’ll be at the event with Gary Sinise and we will run some of the footage on The O’Reilly Factor but it will not be live.

Bill, on behalf of our readers, thank you for participating in this Buzzworthy interview.

BizPac Review readers are encouraged to learn more about Bill O’Reilly’s charities and how you can donate or attend the upcoming Rockin’ the Boat benefit concert on May 21.

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Myra Adams

Myra Adams

Myra Adams is a producer & political writer. She was on the 2004 Bush campaign creative team and 2008 McCain campaign Ad Council.

Writing credits include National Review, World Net Daily, Washington Examiner, PJ Media, Daily Beast, RedState, Daily Caller, and Liberty Unyielding

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15 thoughts on “BPR Buzzworthy with Bill O’Reilly: How Fox News’ giant chooses his charities, who he’s teaming up with next

  1. Son of Falco says:

    Bill O’Reilly might be a blow hard, but he is to be applauded for his contributions to worthy charities. The track chair program aiding our disabled vets is magnificent!

    1. He’s the one that put the Wounded Warrior project on the amp. Before Bill, hardly anyone knew about them, now I’ve seen the WWP logo on ads from liberal companies. Ironically, this mainstream exposure has made the WWP become quite anti-gun:

      ““While we appreciate the interest in having a WWP representative on your show on Veterans Day we are not able to participate in interviews or activities with media/organizations that are related to firearms,” said Ms. Coleman in her email.”

      “. In the case of cobranding, we’ve decided that we’re not going to offer our logo to appear on weapons anymore – whether they’re guns, knives, bows, swords, or any other type of weapon.”

      1. sharinite says:

        Well, there goes donations, down! Perhaps they would ID those liberal orgs they support? Another road to perdition.

        1. I read most of the soldiers in WWP are pro-gun and want a change in leadership, we’ll see what happens.

  2. higgy01 says:

    He may claim his show is number one but I think the egotistical nincompoop O’Reilly is sipping cool aid. His “no spin” spin zone has gotten ludicrous because he tends to do most of the spinning. O’Reilly’s over inflated ego has taken over the show.

    1. Garys_opinion says:

      Well if you know better, lets see some facts that prove your hypothesis.

    2. He tries to be fair and balanced, he’s nice to the people that don’t spin, it’s stupid monologue makers like Ron Paul that he can’t stand. IF you come on the show and say “I’m a prostitute” and answer questions without bloviating, Bill will be nice to you. If you’re a Saint who bloviates, Bill will give you hell.

    3. sharinite says:

      higgy01…egotiatical, nincompoop, sipping cool aid….Why do you watch..why would you put your biased 2cents in? If you don’t like him, fine, believe him not? fine. But why waste our time with your hate….I know it isn’t his “claim” it is Neilsen’s rating system which has put his show at #1 for 15 years and I personally have kept track of the viewership…CNN stood @ 250K viewers just a few weeks ago…you dispute that too?

  3. Steve says:

    Bill has narcissistic traits but he does have a very good program. I also like that he puts his mouth where his money is. He does a lot of good especially for (I think) our military and disadvantage.

  4. RD Blakeslee says:

    O’Reily “bloviated” regarding Pamela Geller’s cartoon contest.

    He is famous for saying what he thinks, without fear of the consequences.

    Geller has done the same, but in the face of pathological religious fanatics who can be expected to try to murder her (and others – but they do that without excuses, anyway) in retaliation.

    She has shown more courage than you have, Bill. She has put her life on the line while following Harry Truman’s famous prescription: Ridicule.

    Thousands more events like hers should be organized by you and other “media giants”, Bill. Take some of the heat off of her. ISIL’s campaign of terror should be overwhelmed by a burgeoning of free speech.

    Assyrian (ironic!) sage Ahiqar, who reputedly lived during the early 7th century BC: “The word is mightier than the sword.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_pen_is_mightier_than_the_sword

    1. Ole Man says:

      His views on Pam Geller are wrong ,She’s a true American Hero.

    2. sharinite says:

      We do remember that what the Islamist jihadist want is to stop free speech in any form…which means they would cut Bill,Pam’s, yours or my head. But, most important, they would make us headless because we are not Muslim……the best thing America has going is that we each can have our own views and no one will cut our heads off!

  5. Garys_opinion says:

    O’Reilly is a true American hero, unlike the slime that’s running the country just now.

  6. Ole Man says:

    The Kelly files would be # 1 in the 8pm.slot “”

  7. Doug says:

    Bill loves to tweak Glenn Beck who readily admits he keeps all the money from paraphernalia that he sells.

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