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Pandering Pelosi makes a fool of herself for Cinco de Mayo; mockery follows

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The great thing about Nancy Pelosi is that she makes it so easy for critics to slam her.

Proving that when it comes to securing Hispanic votes, the Democratic Party has not yet begun to pander, the House Minority Leader took to Twitter on Tuesday to commemorate Cinco de Mayo, deciding on her own what the day is really about.

Other than an excuse for Americans to drink.

In her remarks, Pelosi draws “inspiration” from the Mexican Battle of Puebla to push for “comprehensive immigration reform” — better known as “amnesty.”

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The Battle of Puebla was a victory by the Mexican Army over the invading French in 1862. It had nothing to do with the United States, much less U.S. immigration laws — or trying to stem a different kind of invasion in the present day.

With the eccentric lawmaker drawing critics like a flame draws a moth, social media users jumped on her altered version of reality

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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