Krauthammer: Hillary ‘hiding in the bunker’ while stooges defend her

Hillary Clinton is playing a game of hide and seek while the scandal over the “Clinton Cash” book is raging and her poll numbers decline.

Appearing Tuesday on “Fox News’ Special Report,” syndicated columnist George Will, White House correspondent for the Associated Press Julie Pace and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the poor way the Clintons are handling the controversy.

Discussing former President Bill Clinton’s statement that the Clinton Foundation didn’t “knowingly” take “inappropriate” funds Will called it an “all-purpose dodge.”

“Knowingly is an interesting word, we’ve heard this before,” he said. “No baseball players ever ‘knowingly’ took human growth hormone or ‘knowingly’ took a steroid.”

Pace said the Clinton campaign realizes they can no longer pretend the controversy is a Republican smear campaign.

“This isn’t just a partisan attack. This is being reported far and wide now,” she said. “This is something that they can’t just let slide. They have to deal with it.

Krauthammer wondered why everyone else was defending Hillary other than her.

“Where is she?” he asked. “First they put out their stooges to defend them, then their daughter, then the husband, and she’s sort of hiding in the bunker.”

He said that Democrats are still “all in” on Hillary but she’s losing independents and swing voters.

“This is not good for her,” he said.


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Carmine Sabia

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Carmine Sabia


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