DAMNING! Veteran Baltimore prosecutor attacks state’s attorney’s methods, motives in Gray case

If only half of it’s correct, it’s a damning indictment.

Americans who aren’t familiar with the details of the State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s case against six police officers in the death of a man in police custody last month will have their eyes opened by a column published Tuesday by The Baltimore Sun written by  former Baltimore Deputy State’s Attorney Page Croyder.

Croyder was interviewed about the column on CNN Wednesday.

In the column, Croyder, who retired from the Baltimore state’s attorney office in 2008, lays out the flaws in Mosby’s handling of the Freddie Gray case – concluding that Mosby’s determination to prosecute the police outweighed any sense of using the justice system in its proper role.

“Any prosecutor interested in the truth and in justice would have used all the tools at her disposal to find them,” Croyder wrote. “Ms. Mosby ignored them.”

While she did not address Mosby’s motives in the interview, Croyder made clear in the column she didn’t trust the prosecutor to be acting solely in the name of “justice.”

“In her haste to step into the national limelight, she circumvented normal charging procedures by grabbing a member of the sheriff’s office to swear to their truth and file them for her,” Croyder wrote. “She calculated her actions for surprise and maximum effect, and she got it.”

Croyder’s conclusion is a warning to all of what can happen when the power of the state is hijacked to political ambition — or mob rule.

If I were a Baltimore police officer, I’d be looking for another job immediately. And as a Baltimore citizen, I may start looking for someplace else to live. When the police cannot depend upon the state’s attorney to be as thorough, competent, non-political and fair with them as she is supposed to be with all citizens, none of us will be safe.

The column and the interview are both time well spent.

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