Hammer-wielding shirtless man stuck in basketball hoop – you can’t UNSEE!

A must-see-to-believe story unfolded during Seattle’s May Day festivities as a seemingly angry, hammer-wielding man needed rescuing after becoming stuck – upside down – in a basketball hoop.

It’s not clear exacly why the man decided to climb the basketball hoop in the first place, but his intentions were inconsequential as he writhed and twisted every time Seattle police officers drew near.


Some officers tried to free his foot but as the man fought against their help, his head also became stuck behind the rim for a period of time, according to Komo News.

After officers were unsuccessful at releasing him from his roost, it took a fire truck and two firefighters who cut the net to get him down.


On Monday, a police spokeswoman said the man was taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation and likely won’t be charged with any wrongdoing according to Komo News.


Despite having a tough job – and a particularly tough day judging from social media accounts – the Seattle Police Department tried to maintain a lighthearted attitude about the situation and other events that unfolded during the #MayDaySea activities.

Things started to go from strange to scary quickly.

Unfortunately the demonstrators did get ugly and things had to get very serious for the rest of the night.

All in one day’s work.

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