Brave winner of Muhammad art contest says ‘once free speech goes, it’s over’

After two jihadists were killed by police while attacking a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, the winner of the event declared its importance:

“Once free speech goes, it’s over,” he said.

Bosch Fawstin, winner of the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest, appeared Monday on Fox News “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren” to speak about his experience during the attack.

Asked why he participated, Fawstin told Van Susteren “it’s about the freedom of speech.”

“It’s under siege by the Islamic enemy,” and some on the political left, he said.  Fawstin explained that when we are told “we shouldn’t do this,” we must respond because “we have the right to do it.”

Recognizing the danger in drawing cartoons of Muhammad, Fawstin said he understands the threat.  “I don’t refuse to do it because of the threat,” he said. “I do it because we’re being threatened.”

Noting that the Texas event, which Fawstin said around 200 people attended, had a beefed up security presence, Van Susteren asked if he anticipated potential trouble.  He replied, “absolutely.”

“As artists, as writers, as thinkers, as Americans, as people who love freedom, and the entire West, we need to hit back. Not with violence, with the truth, with our art, with our writing,” Fawstin said.

“Once free speech goes, it’s over.”

Fawstin has some familiarity with Islam, describing himself as a “recovered Muslim.”

Perhaps those on the left who apologize for Americans’ free speech rights can learn something from Fawstin.  But probably not.

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