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Baltimore cops feel ‘demoralized, hung out to dry and abandoned’

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Baltimore’s streets will likely take years – if not decades – to recover after April’s riots that left scores of business owners devastated and local police disheartened.

Many cops feel “demoralized, hung out to dry and abandoned,” Fox News’ Leland Vittert reported on “Hannity” Monday.

“There’s a sentiment here of ‘why bother showing up?’” Vittert added.

Vittert was on the scene at what used to be “ground zero” for the rioting and said he had not seen a single police car during the time he was there. The area is known for drug dealings and gang activity, according to Vittert.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said more than 200 businesses were destroyed in the riots, Fox reported.

“So this was your life savings you put into this?” Vittert asked a business owner whose property was destroyed.

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“Exactly, exactly,” the business owner said. He added that his life’s work was demolished in 30 minutes by looters and vandals resulting in more than $30,000 worth of damage.

Vitter talked to a pharmacy owner who said 99 percent of his store’s shelves were ransacked and fears the prescription drugs are now out on the streets.

“There were dozens of businesses that were looted, and what was stunning to the business owners themselves is as the looting was going on, they were calling 911,” Vittert said.

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“And, as we have reported, the police did nothing because they had an order from the mayor to ‘let them loot. It’s only property.’”

Business owners are now faced with the difficult decision of whether to rebuild as they worry they will not be protected from future crime and violence.


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