No wonder she didn’t want a grand jury: State’s Attorney busted for Malcolm X approach

No wonder she didn’t want a grand jury.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby apparently defines “justice” the way one-time Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X did before his assassination — as a goal pursued for political gain, not as an end achieved through a system established to prove an individual’s guilt or innocence.

That was clear from a speech Mosby gave two days before she received the final police report on the death of Freddie Gray — and three days before she announced she was charging the police involved with crimes ranging from false imprisonment to murder.

Mosby never mentioned the Gray case specifically, but she didn’t have to in a speech that came only a day after riots inflamed the city. She made it clear exactly what was she was going to make happen.

“We will pursue justice by any and all means necessary,” Mosby said.

“By any means necessary” was a catchphrase Malcolm X made popular in the 1960s as the motto of his post-Nation of Islam Organization of Afro-American Unity. It was — and is — considered a justification for violence to achieve a radical vision of social “justice.”

And it’s apparently what the state’s attorney for the city of Baltimore believes to be the preferred method for doing the job she was elected to do.

“By any means necessary” are words of black revolutionaries, and white lynch mobs, and witch burners of every stripe — and pretty much the opposite of what “due process,” “justice system” and even “democracy” mean.

And they’re the words of the woman who will be helping decide the fate of six police officers charged with a man’s death in Baltimore.

No wonder she didn’t want a grand jury.

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