Finally, the irreverent emoji everybody’s been waiting for — from Microsoft!

Talk about not safe for work!

Microsoft is including an on-screen expression of emotion – an emoji – in its Windows 10 update that resembles a human hand with the middle finger raised, according to Emojipedia.


The obscene gesture due out with the upgrade in mid-year will come in a default gray, but will be available in a variet y of skin tones, Emojipedia reports, so both giver and receiver should be comfortable in the exchange’s diversity.

(And if one of them is a supervisor, all the better!)

Microsoft is the first company to make the gesture part of its emoji keyboard, though it’s been approved by Unicode (which sets industry standards) last year.

Truth be told, the design looks as much like an apple with a long stem as it does a human hand, but that might not be intentional.

Not at all.


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