CNN FAIL: Baltimore youth tells oblivious reporter he EARNS what he STEALS

A teenager interviewed by CNN in Baltimore over the weekend had trouble distinguishing “earning” something from “stealing” it. To him they were one and the same.

“Everything you get, you have to earn it,” the teen, who identified himself as “Jamal,” told CNN’s Nick Valencia.

That statement sounded both accurate and noble — until the reporter asked Jamal what he meant by it.

“You got to earn it,” the teen explained. “Like if there’s food over there, and they’re saying you can’t have it, sometimes you got to take it — If it’s yours, you need to take it.”

The reporter completely ignored Jamal’s explanation, and instead talked about Baltimore’s “message of positivity” before turning the segment back over to CNN anchor Poppy Harlow.

There may very well be a “message of positivity” floating around the streets of Baltimore these days, but it’s probably advisable that people there pay close attention to their valuables.

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