Clinton will continue to give paid speeches: ‘I gotta pay our bills’

Former President Bill Clinton defended his $500,000 speaking fees during an appearance Monday on NBC’s “Today Show,” saying, “I gotta pay our bills.”

In addition to his speaking fees, NBC’s Cynthia McFadden asked about some questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation coming from foreign governments as well as his wife’s actions while serving as secretary of state.

McFadden eventually asked Clinton whether he would continue accepting speaking engagements, given hi, wife’s political run.

“So [Hillary Clinton] is now running for president,” she said. “Will you continue to give speeches?”

“Oh, yeah,” Clinton replied. “I gotta pay our bills.”

He also defended the foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations.

“Do you understand though, the perception itself is the problem?” McFadden asked “You don’t?”

“No,” Clinton replied. “I don’t want to get into the weeds here. I’m not responsible for anybody else’s perception. I asked Hillary and she said that no one has ever tried to influence me by helping you.

“No one has even suggested they have a shred of evidence about that.”

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