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Baltimore mob pounces over false alarm; unarmed black man NOT shot by cops

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Reaction was fast and furious after Baltimore police and Fox News reported that a black man was shot “multiple times” following a police chase on the same street where riots broke out after the death of Freddie Gray, but as it turned out those reports were inaccurate.

Witnesses said the unidentified man was shot by police, but Baltimore police, who initially tweeted that the man was shot, are now saying those reports are untrue.

The event was witnessed by Fox News’ Mike Tobin, who initially incorrectly reported it as a police involved shooting.

Tobin said he “clearly saw a revolver on the sidewalk” at the scene of the shooting and said he didn’t know what prompted the chase but did witness the man running from police.

“I was getting ready to do a live shot for my shift. I was sitting in the car, scribbling on my notes for the next live shot, and he ran right in front of us,” he said. “I never saw the individual turn and do anything I would consider an aggressive act, but we did see the officer draw his weapon and I counted one gunshot.”

Tobin told Fox News’ Shepard Smith that the man was “in bad shape” following the shooting that we now know didn’t happen.

Shortly after the supposed shooting, crowds quickly began to form at the scene while police assembled in riot gear.

Police have now told Fox News that the man dropped his gun while running and his gun went off causing witnesses to believe the man was shot but, in fact, no one was hit with a bullet.

Despite the fact that there was no shooting, Twitter quickly lit up with pictures and commentary declaring the police guilty of shooting an “innocent” man.

Carmine Sabia


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