EMBARRASSING: Chris Matthews conjures images of slavery with idiotic question for black actor

If a Fox News host ever made a statement like the one made by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Friday, there would be a national movement to have them fired.

Matthews sat down with actor Gbenga Akinnagbe of HBO’s “The Wire” and made one of the biggest gaffes of his career but there were no calls for his firing, sensitivity training or even an apology.

“What do you think of local politicians in the black community? Do you think they put the pressure on the majority in the country? Do they use their clout? There’s an awful lot of members of the African-American, black caucus in the D.C., in federal government, and I just wonder, do they crack the whip enough?”

Without skipping a beat Akinnagbe answered Matthews seemingly unfazed by the statement.

But imagine Sean Hannity making a statement that brings to mind images of slave owners abusing their slaves.

How long would it be before Al Sharpton was on TV demanding Fox News fire him?

Being a liberal lapdog has its privileges.


The tingle’s gone? Chris Matthews quivers as Democrats implode, ‘it’s every MAN for himself!’

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Carmine Sabia


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