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Judge Jeanine praises Baltimore prosecutor: ‘This women is clear, she is focused, she has the evidence . . .’

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The Baltimore prosecutor who charged six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray got some support from an unlikely source — Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro.

“She is strong, she is clear,” Pirro said of State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “She went through the facts as she believes she will be able to prove them at trial.”

Pirro doubted, though, that the charges will bear out considering Gray’s transport in a police van was “not the rough ride we thought it was.”

“We’re not hearing about any beating of this individual. It’s more that they didn’t give him medical care when he asked for it,” the former prosecutor said. “But my take from all of this is this woman is clear; she is focused; she has the evidence; she believes she has the facts to support her allegations, and she is going to run with this completely.”

Mosby has her work cut out for her in proving her case, Pirro said, suggesting any legal violations in Gray’s death may be more appropriate for civil court.

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“If a guy is flailing, shackled by his feet, arms behind his back, and feeling he can’t breathe, I mean, you have to say to yourself, if there were seat belts in a paddy wagon, and I am not familiar with many that have that, then why not put him in those?” she said. “But to raise this to the level of murder and manslaughter, I would have to look at the statute to see whether or not it works. But she seems quite confidant of her charges.”

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