Judge Jeanine praises Baltimore prosecutor: ‘This women is clear, she is focused, she has the evidence . . .’

The Baltimore prosecutor who charged six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray got some support from an unlikely source — Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro.

“She is strong, she is clear,” Pirro said of State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “She went through the facts as she believes she will be able to prove them at trial.”

Pirro doubted, though, that the charges will bear out considering Gray’s transport in a police van was “not the rough ride we thought it was.”

“We’re not hearing about any beating of this individual. It’s more that they didn’t give him medical care when he asked for it,” the former prosecutor said. “But my take from all of this is this woman is clear; she is focused; she has the evidence; she believes she has the facts to support her allegations, and she is going to run with this completely.”

Mosby has her work cut out for her in proving her case, Pirro said, suggesting any legal violations in Gray’s death may be more appropriate for civil court.

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“If a guy is flailing, shackled by his feet, arms behind his back, and feeling he can’t breathe, I mean, you have to say to yourself, if there were seat belts in a paddy wagon, and I am not familiar with many that have that, then why not put him in those?” she said. “But to raise this to the level of murder and manslaughter, I would have to look at the statute to see whether or not it works. But she seems quite confidant of her charges.”

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60 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine praises Baltimore prosecutor: ‘This women is clear, she is focused, she has the evidence . . .’

  1. RE Hafner says:

    Judge Janine chocked on her petticoat by rushing to judgement on the Zimmerman incident. Let’s see if she bit off and swallowed another piece of her undies. Usually Janine waits for the facts come in prior to voicing an opinion.

  2. Rose says:

    I am in shock from Judge Jeanine Pirro. “She seems quite confident of her charges.” So what! Al Sharpton, Obama, et al have seemed confident of false charges. Mosby aligned herself with the rioters and has pre-judged the police officers.

  3. canto28 says:

    Prof. Alan Dershowitz doesn’t share her enthusiasm for this novice, sees eventual acquittal:

    1. Redd_Melendez says:

      Conservative Lawyer here.

      Dr. Dershowitz may be Liberal but his legal opinions are usually free of politics.

      I have great respect for his legal opinions.

  4. Grog656 says:

    Judge Jeanine is an idiot! Now she’s going to play to the left because this prosecutor is black and Jeanine wants to show how not prejudiced she is.

    1. Doug says:

      Prior to this BPR posters called her Saint Jeanine.

  5. Laneforever says:

    She only did this to placate the thugs that are rioting.

    1. Jamal Warner says:

      You evidence for your claim is where?

  6. TS1776frdm says:

    What happened to a Grand Jury Investigation or other Rules of Law..3 days of investigation? Toxic Screen for everything doesn’t come back that fast..What drugs did Gray have in his system?

    1. Jamal Warner says:

      What does drugs have to do with him being stopped for no reason and injured by those cops. Another case of blame the victim. Go Figure!

  7. Givendoly says:

    Judge Pirro, my choice for Attorney General! Seein
    g this woman work from the bench was a delight! As wise as she is beautiful!!

  8. Johnny Olson says:

    Judge Pirro surprised me with her opinion and this is the first time I’ve disagreed with her. It’s clear to me that State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby made a political decision, along with her legal decision, to charge these officers BEFORE receiving the results from the Baltimore’s police investigation. In addition to this, these officers have obviously been overcharged. I know this happens frequently because it gives prosecutors lots of “wiggle room” when it comes time to negotiate a plea deal, but in this case the officers were grossly overcharged. If there is one person on the jury with common sense who follows the law, Mosby will NEVER get a murder conviction. Another reason for her rush to judgement in charging these officers was to stanch the bleeding, both literally and figuratively, in Baltimore’s streets and businesses. Ultimately, her hasty political decisions will result in more moderate convictions and perhaps even misdemeanor convictions, at which time the rioters, looters and thugs will cause more severe damage to Baltimore…..and to Mosby’s career.

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