Councilman visits bathroom during meeting, forgets hot mic; all composure is lost!

Talk about embarrassing.

A member of the Georgetown, Texas, city council quietly slipped away from a recent meeting to use the bathroom, which would’ve been uneventful except that he failed to turn off his wireless microphone, according to Mashable.

As member Rachael Jonrowe began discussing business before the council, suddenly the amplified audio of the man taking care of his “business” in the bathroom began to echo throughout the room — causing her to burst out in laughter.

Try as she might, an embarrassed Jonrowe struggled to continue but it was hopeless.

The video was shared on Mashable’s Facebook page, with social media users geting in on the jocularity.

“Just a wee mistake,” said FaceBook user Julia Ade.

Speaking of mistakes, another user pointing out a glaring one.

“You know what I didn’t hear?” asked Audra Meckler Wallis. “The sink coming on and him washing his hands.”

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Interestingly, one woman faulted the poor councilwoman struggling to maintain her composure.

“I know sometimes you just get the giggles but she strikes me as a little immature,” Hellyn R. Riggins commented.

All in all, when it comes to elected officials, there are worse things to complain about.

Tom Tillison


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