Ankara mayor calls Marie Harf a ‘dumb blonde’ – who comes to her defense?

Though the mayor of a Turkish town made it clear he is no fan of State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, he may be even less impressed with the U.S. ambassador to Turkey after he ridiculously rushed to Harf’s defense.

Ankara Mayor Hussein Zangoti took to Twitter with a sharp personal attack while venting his displeasure with Harf after she criticized the Turkish police force.

“You were saying the Turkish police is using disproportionate force,” Zangoti tweeted, according to Twitchy. “[W]here are you now, dumb blonde?”

Not to be outdone on ignorant commentary, John Bass, America’s ambassador to Turkey, supported Harf by digitally changing his hair color to blonde on his Instagram account and saying, “We are all blondes.”

The comment appeared to adopt the now-common Baltimore chant, “We are all Freddie Gray,” after Gray died in police custody.

The Twitterverse seemed to agree with Zangoti that Harf is indeed a “dumb blonde.”

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Carmine Sabia


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