Sharpton takes control in Baltimore, gets physical with Fox News reporter

Relax Baltimore, Al Sharpton is now in control.

Unable to resist the glare of the TV cameras, race hustler Al Sharpton made his grand entrance into the chaotic scene in Baltimore, Md., by getting into a physical confrontation with a Fox News reporter.

Democratic Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was on her way to a press event sponsored by Sharpton’s National Action Network when Fox News reporter Leland Vittert tried to ask the mayor about officers injured and businesses looted as a result of her reported “stand down” order,  Sharpton intervened.

“We can’t ask questions?” Vittert asked Rawlings-Blake, in response to being told no questions. “You are a public official and we can’t ask questions?”

Acting as a member of the mayor’s security detail, Sharpton assumed total control of when and if the embattled mayor would answer questions — Rawlings-Blake remained silent the entire time.

“You will have the opportunity,” the shakedown artist replied. “At the press conference, we will answer all questions.”

As Vittert persisted in questioning Rawlings-Blake, an unidentified man stepped between them, at which point Sharpton reached out and appeared to shove the reporter backwards.

“Whoa!” Vittert called out.

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Sharpton later commented on the incident.

“He’ll be on tonight, like, we hit him or something,” he said of Vittert. “I’ll tell you right now, just watch the circus tonight.”

“Quit playing with matches in Baltimore!” he added.

A touch of irony from a man with a reputation for showing up on the scene of a fire with a can of gasoline.

Tom Tillison


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